Do I need to get trained in order to operate the robot?

No need at all. The robot is very easy to operate, with just one click and it can start work automatically. We also have product manual and operation video for you as a reference.

Does the robot need water? Can it be cleaned without water?

The robot uses a nano-rolling brush for dry cleaning, which can meet the cleanliness requirements of the power station without using water.

How much does the robot weigh? Will the suction cup and roller brush damage the photovoltaic panel?

6.2 kg. The machine makes soft contact with the panel through the suction cup. The roller brush of the machine is made of nanofiber material, similar to toothbrush bristles, which is soft and long. It picks up the dust on the surface of the panel and gathers it. It is sucked into the dust box by centrifugal force.

Do I need remote control or other operations when cleaning?

The robot cleans itself, just place it correctly on the photovoltaic panel without any operation. If you want to clean specific area or want to change its cleaning route, just connected with our app " Ifbot Tech", but one time can only connect one robot.

What is the lifespan of the robot?

The body is made of aerospace-grade lightweight material, which is sturdy and corrosion-resistant and can be used for at least 3 years.

The consumable part is the battery, suction cup, roller brush, and depending on the usage frequency, these parts should be replaced in time.

What is the cleaning speed of the machine?

A single unit can clean 35 square meters in one hour. For large-scale power stations, it is necessary to adopt a multi-machine cooperative working mode. One person can easily manage and deploy 10 units, one megawatt per day per person, saving labor costs.

Is the robot battery powered or plugged in?

This machine uses replaceable batteries, no need to connect wires and water pipes.

Will the machine fall off during cleaning?

The cleaning robot can walk stably on the photovoltaic panel at 0-45 degrees, adapting to various complex working environments.

Is the machine waterproof? Can it work in the rain? Can it be cleaned completely without dead ends?

The casing is waterproof IP56, and it is not recommended to work in the rain, as the rainwater and dust mixed together will make the cleaning more dirty. After the machine is started with one button, it can plan the path independently, and the cleaning coverage rate can reach 99%.

How long does it take to run on a single charge? Can the speed be adjusted?

One machine is equipped with 2 batteries, which can work for 4 hours at a time, and it is also equipped with a special charging stand, which can be replaced at any time. The speed is constant and cannot be adjusted. After testing, the current speed is more appropriate.

Can the machine cross between the arrays by itself? Can glass glue be used in the middle of the photovoltaic panels?

For a span of more than 10cm, the machine cannot span independently, and manual transitions are required between arrays. If there are no gaps between the photovoltaic panels, our machines cannot be used.

Can the board be used if there is a height difference? Can the pressing block have protruding screws?

If the height difference between the photovoltaic panels exceeds 1cm, or the screw on the pressing block is 1cm higher, the machine cannot be crossed and cannot be used.

Can I mixed with water cleaning? Or can I put water hose on it?

Not needed at all. The robot is designed for dry cleaning, including the bottom roller brush, it`s used for cleaning up dust, cannot mixed with water cleaning.

How to clean the robot after the cleaning job is done? Can I clean the robot with water?

Use a blower to blow off the dust on the roller brush, pour out the dust in the dust box, and wipe the body clean. Remember not to wash with water, and keep the machine dry.

What are the advantages of this robot over water cleaning?

1, More environmentally friendly. Water cleaning wastes a lot of water and has certain requirements for water quality.
2, More conducive to the life of the panel. If you use unfiltered water for a long time or use too many chemicals will bring irreversible damage to the panel.
3, Portable and lightweight. The net weight is only 6.2kg, and it is completely self-cleaning, which is very advantageous for rooftop PV or mountain PV with high cleanliness.

Is the robot for residential or commercial?

Both. This robot is designed for rooftop, mountain, and desert power plants, where water cleaning is not available or the panels are too steep.

This robot can be used like a vacuum cleaner, making this work easier and highly effective. You can use this robot frequently to prevent the panels from being soiled, like once a week.


How to order?

1. Contact us via email or online chat to send you a detailed quotation file, then confirm the order quantity based on the quotation.
2. Tell us the delivery address and confirm the shipping method and postage based on the quantity. The buyer decides whether to include tax.
3. We will make a proforma invoice and pay according to this.
4. Ship the goods after receiving the payment.

Is there a minimum quantity limit?

No, you can buy one for testing, if the product meets your requirements, you can buy more later. We have a price range, different quantities for different prices.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept direct bank transfers and shipments are made upon receipt of the amount.

Are there any restrictions on buyer status? Can I buy as an individual?

We have no restrictions on the identity of the buyer, whether it is a company or an individual.

Can I resell your product?

Any kind of online reselling is not allowed without our permission.

You need to apply to be our distributor in order to resell, we can authorize it. We own trademarks and appearance patents and will reserve all litigation rights.

How to become an authorized dealer?

You need to apply first: Dealer Application

After submitting the form, we will review it and send you the quotation for the dealers. If all goes well, we will mark the store address on Google Maps for local shoppers.

Do you support OEM order?

Currently we don`t support OEM orders. We can accept co-branding if the quantity meets our needs.

Is the price negotiable?

Yes. If you order a large amount, we can give you a more acceptable and reasonable price, we love to cooperate in for long term.

What kind of shipping method do you use? Do you provide free shipping?

We offer air, sea and rail transportation, the shipping method and shipping fee depend on the quantity, contact us for more details.

We are not sure if your products fit for us and how many products we need to order, can you help us to confirm?

Yes, if you are not sure whether our robot is suitable for your photovoltaic panels, you can take a photo of the site; and tell us the number and area of photovoltaic panels, we have an expert team here to help you evaluate.

Where are you company based? Can I visit the factory?

Our company is based in Suzhou, China.

Our factory is based in Fujian province. If you want to visit, you must make an appointment in advance, and as our distributor or client, our factory is not open to tourists.

After-sales service

1 . The buyer should check and accept the goods in time after receiving the goods. If the variety, model, color quality, etc. of the equipment are found to be inconsistent with the regulations, the buyer has the right to raise a delivery objection to the seller within 15 working days after receiving the goods, and keep the equipment properly: otherwise it will be regarded as equipment In line with the contract.

2 . After receiving the buyer's delivery objection, the seller should deal with it within 10 working days. If the equipment needs to be replaced or returned because the equipment does not meet the contract requirements, the buyer must not disassemble the equipment or tear the seal on the equipment without permission, and must keep the original packaging. Non-quality reasons are not allowed to return.

Warranty Period and Warranty

1 . Equipment warranty period: After the equipment is accepted, the whole machine is guaranteed for 12 months, and the battery is guaranteed for 12 months. The scope of warranty does not include the replacement of vulnerable parts such as suction cups and roller brushes. In case of quality problems during the warranty period, the seller shall communicate with the buyer in a timely manner within three working days after receiving the buyer's notice, and the seller shall provide postal repair service according to the actual situation. The buyer is not allowed to disassemble the machine or have it repaired by a third party. If the seal of the machine is damaged or repaired by a third party, it will be deemed as a waiver of the warranty. The buyer needs to keep the original packaging of the machine, otherwise the product will not be returned or exchanged.
2 . Bearing of maintenance costs: The maintenance costs incurred due to damage caused by the seller or the seller's machine quality during the warranty period shall be borne by the seller. If the engineer finds that the damage to the machine is caused by the buyer's failure to operate according to the instructions, etc., it is not covered by the warranty and must be repaired at the buyer's expense.
3. The battery needs to be stored and transported in a special battery storage box, and the buyer shall bear the cost of replacement and maintenance for problems such as battery damage and quality degradation caused by failure to comply with the above requirements.