IFBOT X3 Solar Panel Cleaning Robot won Red Dot Design “best of best 2022” Award

Independent worker

Solar systems, with their large collector surfaces, are directly exposed to all weather conditions, and the glass panes therefore often need to be cleaned. The IFBOT X3 is a cleaning robot that operates almost like a vacuum cleaner, making this work easier and highly effective. The brief for its development was that it should be suitable for all types of photovoltaic panels and emerge with a design that is aimed at delivering a lightweight, intelligent and user-oriented product. Implementing materials from aerospace engineering, this robot impresses with a lightweight construction that also enables easy transport to the place of use. The so-called rotation operation mode allows the robot to collect larger quantities of dust than was previously possible. For doing so, the robot both automatically moves into position and returns independently. In addition, it only needs a small amount of battery power to do its cleaning job. This robot is comfortable to use thanks to an innovative cleaning mode that can be activated with a simple touch. Before starting its cleaning work, the robot positions itself securely on the surface of the solar panels with its movable suction cup. Its integrated sensors then precisely detect the condition of the photovoltaic modules, automatically set the optimal cleaning angle and independently find the best and most effective cleaning path.

Statement by the Jury

The clear design of the IFBOT X3 goes hand in hand with impressive, well-thought-out features. The robot detects the conditions of panels and independently adapts the work process accordingly. This makes the difficult and time-consuming cleaning of photovoltaic modules considerably easier. Since this robot is also lightweight and compact, it is easy to transport. The activation on site is self-explanatory and easy to perform.

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