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IFBOT X3 Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

  • One key to starting rotation, intelligent path planning.
The IFBOT intelligent robot can be activated with one touch. The unique rotating cleaning mode, equipped with integrated sensors, enables the robot to accurately detect the edge of the array, automatically adjust the angle and automatically calculate the optimal and most effective cleaning route, covering all areas without omission.
  • Adsorption dislocation working, adapting to various slopes.
The IFBOT robot attaches itself tightly to the surface of the photovoltaic panel through movable suction cups, and the misplaced auxiliary suction cups enable it to walk more stably and freely on smooth slopes of 0-45°, adapting to various complex working environments.
  • Lightweight and portable, zero burdens on the panel.
The innovative use of aerospace materials and the lightweight design of the whole machine avoid trampling damage to the panel during the cleaning process. The lightweight structure design reduces the user's handling burden, and a single person can quickly deploy and manage dozens of machines at the same time, saving cleaning costs and effectively improving work efficiency.
  • Night cleaning, low power automatic return.
The IFBOT cleaning robot can safely carry out cleaning operations at night, and autonomously locate and return to the voyage when the battery is low. It does not affect the power generation of the power station during the day, and significantly improves the power generation efficiency of users.
  • The battery can be replaced, and the battery life is worry-free.
A single robot is powered by 2 IFBOT-dedicated lithium batteries, which can keep the whole machine running for 4 hours without interruption. The clip-type quick disassembly design can easily extend the battery life, and it only takes 1.5 hours to recharge.
  • Nano material, better cleaning without water.
The single cleaning unit is equipped with two 2-way rotating nano-fiber roller brushes, which can gather the dust particles adsorbed on the surface after jumping up, and instantly suck the dust box through the centrifugal force of the turbocharged centrifugal fan. The same area does not need to be repeated, cleaning without water consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.