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【Introduction of Ifbot Tech】

Ifbot Tech is the world's first lightweight, portable photovoltaic cleaning robot control system developed and launched by Ifbot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. After the device is connected to the APP, it can effectively and quickly operate the robot to clean according to the user's own needs, bringing a better experience and enjoyment to the user.

【Product Description】

Ifbot Tech connects the machine equipment through Bluetooth, sets the mode and working mode of the equipment, and realizes the jog remote control of the machine. The APP operation interface is simple and clear, and a mobile phone can remotely control the robot to quickly reach the designated location, which improves work efficiency and improves user experience.

【APP Description】

Ifbot Tech provides convenient, fast, safe and efficient services for product users. It is also the first service platform in the industry to use this technology to remotely monitor equipment status, quickly solve equipment problems and scene problems for users, and easily realize remote problem diagnosis.

【APP Highlights】

1. Understand the environmental conditions of local equipment work;
2. Understand the current power status of the device;
3. Understand the life cycle of equipment;
4. Intelligent anti-theft mode, traceable battery, remote power off, automatic fault reporting, location information, etc.

【User usage method】

After the user successfully downloads the Ifbot Tech APP by scanning the code on the mobile phone or the software platform, the user can search for nearby devices through the APP, and control and monitor the device according to the user's needs. Only one online device can be connected at a time.

Safe Use Guidelines

When using this product, please follow consistent safety precautions, including but not limited to the following, please read carefully.

  • Before using this product, please read all contents of this manual carefully, and operate the machine according to the steps in this manual.
  • Any operation that is inconsistent with the contents of the manual may cause serious personal injury or damage to the product itself.
  • Do not let children or people who have no independent behavior ability or lack relevant experience use this product alone to avoid danger.
  • The current product is a portable photovoltaic cleaning robot, which cannot be used in scenarios other than photovoltaic panels and cannot be used in dangerous places or industrial production sites.
  • This product uses a 10.9V lithium-ion special rechargeable battery, and do not use other connected devices with power levels.
  • If the battery is found to be abnormal, please do not use this product, and contact the dealer or the after-sales department of our company in time.
  • Do not touch the power plug with wet hands, as this may cause electric shock. When plugging or unplugging the power cord, do not pull, twist or twist the power cord.
  • When the power cord, plug or charging stand is damaged, or the circuit board is exposed, please cut off the power and stop using it. Please contact your dealer or our after-sales department.
  • When operating a portable photovoltaic cleaning robot, please place the machine on the surface of the photovoltaic panel, and make sure it is stable and successfully absorbed before cleaning.
  • Please do not let the cleaning robot get too close to fire and other high-temperature places.
  • Please do not use and store the cleaning robot in extreme environment, such as extreme temperature (temperature below -10°C or above 50°C). Please store the machine in a dry and cool place.
  • When the cleaning robot is working, please do not put your hands on the roller brush, otherwise it may cause personal injury.
  • When the cleaning robot emits abnormal sound, smell, or smoke during operation, please shut down immediately and remove the battery.
  • Please do not pour or splash water or other liquids into the cleaning robot, so as not to cause a short circuit and burn the machine. Do not touch the charging stand, its plug and power cord when your hands are wet.
  • Do not use the photovoltaic robot on rainy days or on photovoltaic panels with water.
  • Do not place this product in water or other liquids to reduce electric shock injuries; do not place this product where it may fall.
  • Do not charge the battery in an environment that is too cold or too hot, as this may affect the service life of the battery.
  • After the robot cleans, please take out the lithium battery in time and put it in a special protective bag. When taking out the lithium battery pack, the machine must be powered off and taken to a safe place. Never throw lithium batteries into fire, water, or soil. Discarded battery packs should be recycled safely.
  • If you need to clean this product, please shut down and remove the battery, and wipe its surface with a dry cloth.
  • Please clean the dust on the roller brush regularly and use a hair dryer or a dry cloth to wipe it. If you find that the roller brush does not rotate during use, please check immediately whether the roller brush is wrapped with foreign objects; if there is no foreign object, please contact the after-sales maintenance personnel for repair and replacement in time.
  • Once you find that the product parts are damaged, please notify the professional for repairs. Incorrect repairs will lead to accidents.
  • Please do not disassemble the machine without authorization, which will cause danger. If it is damaged, please go to the maintenance point designated by the company for repair and replacement.
Product Operation Instructions
  1. Insert two fully charged batteries into the battery slots respectively. Make sure the battery snaps on tightly so it won't slip out.
  2. Place the machine vertically in the center of the panel (the side of the power button faces to the left), and ensure that the suction cup that comes with the machine itself can be absorbed on the panel.
  3. Short press the power start button, the machine starts to clean with the established route.
  4. Battery replacement: the machine is turned off and removed from the photovoltaic panel. Press the buckles on both sides of the battery with your fingers, and pull it out at the same time. Same operation on both sides.
  5. Clean the dust box: remove the dust box from the machine, pull out the box cover, and pour out the dust. After cleaning, put the box cover tightly and put it back into the fuselage. Same operation on both sides.
  6. Short press the power button, wait for the machine to stop, and the cleaning is finished.
Troubleshooting & Solutions
Question Cause of issue Solution
After startup, the machine does not work or does not work properly

1. The battery is dead

2. The battery power is too low

3. The battery cannot store electricity normally

1. Fully charge the battery or replace it with a fully charged battery

2. Check whether the charging base is damaged and cannot be charged

3. The battery has reached the end of its service life, please contact customer service to purchase a replacement

The brush does not rotate

1. The roller brush is entangled by foreign matter

2. The roller brush has reached the end of its service life

1. Check the roller brush to remove foreign matter

2. Contact customer service to replace the roller brush

Dust box leaking ash

1. There is too much dust in the dust box

2. The dust box is not installed in place

1. Empty the dust in the dust box

2. Check and reinstall according to the operating instructions

The suction cup does not suck firmly There is dust on the suction cup Wipe off the dust on the suction cup with a dry cloth
There is abnormal sound when the machine works

1. There are foreign objects inside the machine

2. There are obstacles on the path of the machine

Please stop using it immediately, remove foreign objects or obstacles; if there is still abnormal sound, please contact customer service